The most frequently-asked questions by our clients

What do "check-in", "check-out" mean?

You check-in when you arrive: the owner welcome you, file your personal data, assign your room...; you check out at departure: return your room key, settle your final bill.

When can I check in and check out?

Guests can check in from 12.00 pm. Before this time, they can register and receive their room key: however rooms will be available only after 12.00. The B&B offers a baggage space for its guests
Check out no later than 11.00
Should guests have any special needs, they may contact the owner.

Is the hostel opened at night, can I arrive late at night?

No, Cittadella does not have a concierge service 24 hours on 24,  customers can arrive by 10 pm.
If you arrive after 6 pm, unless otherwise indicated in the booking, please kindly advise us by phone.
In case of check-in at 10 pm extra charge may be a surcharge.
In keeping with the rest of the other guests will not be accepted arrivals after 11:30 pm
Then customers will be given the keys to enter at any time

How do I reach the hostel?

All directions to reach the building are included in the "Arrival info" page.
You can call Cittadella during the trip for further details on the best directions to reach Cittadella.

What should I do when I check in, which documents are needed?

Upon arrival, the owner will call up the main details of your reservation. Unless you need to change your reservation, you should show your identity document for the registration and complete and sign a notification form.
Once your data and arrival time have been registered, and you have signed the form, you are able to take possession of the room and start to enjoy your stay
You may contact the owner for any other needs.

Why should I leave my identity document and sign the Police Notification Form?

In compliance with Public Safety law, upon arrival guests are requested to complete a form providing all their identification data: the Notification Form. This document enables the Police Authority to check guests.
Guests must control that all the information they have provided is correct and sign the form before they are given their room key.
The Notification Form includes your consent to use your personal data in compliance with the Privacy Law (Decree Law 196/2003). Please read the text in the second part of the form carefully and, unless you have any objections, sign to give your consent.

What am I supposed to do when I check out?

When you check out you may not be the only guest: others could be doing the same;
we invite you to patiently wait your turn and line up to streamline operations..
This will help our to work faster and more efficiently.
The room key must be returned before you leave.

What happens if I have booked and cannot come?

If you have a time-limit for your reservation and you arrive late, the room is no longer guaranteed in your name. You can make sure the room is not given to other guests by calling Cittadealla and informing them that you will be late.

If your reservation is guaranteed by Credit Card or is prepaid (post or bank transfer) and the cancellation is notified after the limit that was communicated when you booked (24 hours before the arrival day during low season, 48 hours in medium season and 72 hours in peak season) you will be charged a fee that corresponds to the rate of the first night of stay.
If you cancel within the time limit, no extra charge is due and your pre-payment will be returned.
However we recommend that you always give notice when you intend to cancel your stay; the owner will consider your needs and find an agreement instead of charging you a cancellation fee.

Where do I find a ....car park .... a tobacconist ..... a bar with Sky and a maxi screen to watch the football matches....?

Some of the services located next to CIttadella are included in the 'Arrival info' page.
You can contact the owner for more information.

Can I connect my notebook to the Internet from my room?

Yes, It is a free WIFI connection available.

I do not have my notebook, may I check my mail at Cittadella?

It 'provides a location for access to the Internet
The use is free of charge. Please enable customers to any other possible use.

How are rooms classified?

Rooms are classified depending on the number and type of beds and their accessories.
Cittadella has single (1 bed), double (2 beds), double with king size bed (1 bed for 2) and triple rooms (3 beds).
More differ depending on the type of bathroom (if inside the room or shared with other rooms).
The property has two shared bathrooms complete with all the health,  well-equipped and maintained. As for the finishes and amenities, Citadella  offers the best customer care that you will find in the city of Verona.

How do price change over the year?

The year is divided in 4 seasons: Low, Medium, High, Peak based on market demand and the exhibitions or other important events held over the year.
As a standard, except for exhibition time, winter is considered low season, autumn and spring are medium season; summer which includes the Opera programme staged at the Arena of Verona and the other main exhibitions such as "Vinitaly" are peak season.

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